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Here is what a professional duct cleaning would do-

• The professionals should open the ports and the doors in order to inspect and clean the emtire duct work.

• Before they start the cleaning procedure they should check if there is asbestos –containing substances like insulation, register boots, etc. in the heating and cooling system. Handling asbestos-containing materials has a separate set of procedures. They should be removed only by specially trained and equipped contractors.

• Use modern brushes that are especially designed to clean the duct surfaces. A good cleaner would also use contact vacuum with HEPA filter to remove dust and other particles.If you have duct boards made of fiberglass then they should use soft-bristled brushes to clean them. Flex ducts can also be cleaned by using soft bristle brushes but they are better replaced than cleaning.

• They should carefully handle carpets and other furniture of the house while cleaning ducts.

• The holes or accesses in the ducts that were used by the service providers to reach out to the remote sections should be sealed and reinsulated after cleaning has been done.

• The duct cleaner should abide by the recommendations of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and guidelines by NAIMA's (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association's) about cleaning the ducts of various types.

• If your ducts are infected with molds and the cleaner proposes using chemicals on your duct to stop the growth, do enough research before allowing such use.

• The service provider should take snaps of the dirty duct before cleaning and take some snaps of it after cleaning. You should be given both the sets of photos so that you can compare each picture and assure yourself that the job has been done well.

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