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Blog Title: How to increase the efficiency of air conditioners?
How to increase the efficiency of air conditioners?
Category: Ductless Air Conditioner Repair Post By: KEITH R (Tampa, FL), 09/29/2016

"In recent times, air conditioners have become a necessity but at the same time, the energy costs have also risen to a large extent. At such a juncture, when it is not possible to do without an air conditioner and at the same time there is not much control on the electricity costs, the only thing that can be done is to make the unit as well as the home more energy efficient. However, in order to make the room as well as the home energy efficient there are certain steps that needs to be followed. They are the following: All debris near the outdoor unit should be cleared off so that the airflow of the air conditioner is not restricted.The air filters of an air conditioner should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals. It will help the AC to function better and at the same time, the indoor air quality will be maintained. The unit should be shaded by some natural means or by some artificial ways so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. The thermostat settings should be made a little higher because at higher settings the AC has to work less hard. The home should have proper insulation and last but not the least, the air conditioner needs to be maintained properly at regular intervals for proper functioning."

- SHAWN D (Lincoln, NE), 09/30/2016
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