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Blog Title: What are the various kinds of air conditioner filters available?
What are the various kinds of air conditioner filters available?
Category: Solar Hvac Heating And Cooling Post By: ETHEL M (Omaha, NE), 09/29/2016

"Air filters are an integral part of an air conditioning system. It is essential to maintain the indoor air quality. Let us know have a look at some of the different kinds of air filters available. The most common AC filter is the mechanical filter. It is mostly used as part of home air conditioners. These filters use artificial strands or threadlike materials to put away dust particles. There are also charcoal filters which use the mechanical methods that eradicate the dust particles. Then there is the traditional disposable air filters. It is considered the cheapest model of air filter available in the market. Pleated filters are another kind of air filters used in air conditioners. They are costlier as well as more effective than the traditional air filters. They help in putting away a greater percentage of air borne impurities. On the other hand there are fiber glass air filters which helps in dealing with larger particles. Electrostatic filters are used to keep away various kinds of waste material from the air. These kinds of filters use static form of energy to keep away waste materials from entering the house along with the air."

- SYLVIA T (Santa Ana, CA), 09/30/2016
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