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Blog Title: What are the ways to improve the indoor air quality?
What are the ways to improve the indoor air quality?
Category: Portable Air & Heat Units Post By: JOAN J (Raleigh, NC), 09/29/2016

"The indoor air quality is of prime importance for a healthy living. If the quality of air that is circulating within the household is of poor quality, the chances are high that the residents of the home suffer from multiple health issues like breathing problems and other kind of allergies. Hence, one should take every step possible to maintain the indoor air quality. It has been noticed that air conditioners improve the indoor air quality to a large extent. One of the prime reasons behind it is that every air conditioner has an air filter associated with it. The air filters attached to the ACs prevent different kinds of pollutants and other allergens from entering the house. At the same time, air conditioners pull out air from inside the rooms and condition it and send it back. But for proper conditioning of the air, it is necessary that air conditioners are cleaned at regular intervals. Unless it is cleaned properly, the filter will get congested and it will not function properly. Thus, it is recommended that air filters of air conditioners are changed at least once every month."

- ROSE S (Wichita, KS), 09/30/2016
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