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Blog Title: What factors need to be considered while buying an air conditioner?
What factors need to be considered while buying an air conditioner?
Category: House Heat Pump Post By: JENNIFER K (Chandler, AZ), 09/29/2016

"During the hot summers, nothing can be more delightful than an air conditioner. After a hard day at work when you return home to a wonderfully cooling AC, you are bound to feel relaxed. But at the same time, air conditioners are quite an investment and you cannot take a risk with it. Thus, it is important taking into consideration certain factors before you buy an air conditioner. Some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while buying an AC are the following: The efficiency of the air conditioner: It is recommended that one buys an AC that has a higher efficiency because that helps in saving on electricity bill. An indication of high efficiency air conditioners is the star rating. Thus, more the number of star ratings, more efficient are the air conditioners. The next important consideration is the cooling capacity. The cooling capacity of an AC is measured by British thermal unit Thus, more is the BTU rating of an air conditioner higher is the cooling capacity. But that does not mean one should buy an oversized air conditioner. Lastly the installation and the cleaning requirements of an air conditioner should also be considered. This means one should not opt for an AC that has a complex installation and cleaning requirement."

- LORI C (Laredo, TX), 09/30/2016
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