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Blog Title: What is the importance of air duct cleaning?
What is the importance of air duct cleaning?
Category: Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs Post By: JAMES T (Chicago, IL), 09/29/2016

"When it comes to HVAC systems, most often it is seen that people completely forget about ducts and vents cleaning. In fact, many of the times it is seen that homeowners forget the last time they had cleaned the air ducts. However, it is seen that regular cleaning of air ducts and vents not only make the indoor air quality better but also extends the life of the air conditioning system. Generally, it is seen that there are two methods of air duct cleaning. In one of the systems a high pressure air hose is made to pass through the ducting which in turn helps in removing the unwanted particles from the interior. In the other system, a specialized vacuum is attached to the hose along with a brushing system which is made to run through the duct. However, it needs to be kept in mind that both these systems work better when they are made to operate properly. A proper cleaning of the duct includes a thorough cleaning of the registers, the inside of the ducting and the interior of the heating and the ventilation system. Generally, the cleaning process takes around three to five hours. Thus, if you want to enjoy a good quality of indoor air for a long period of time, it is a better idea to opt for duct cleaning after every few years but it needs to be remembered that it should be done by a professional HVAC technician or else the results might not be up to the mark."

- RICHARD S (San Antonio, TX), 09/30/2016
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