Aerosol For Sealing Duct Holes Pros And Cons

According to a research conducted by Berkley Lab in 1990, almost 15 to 30% air from central heating and cooling is wasted in the surrounding due to leaky A/c ducts. This results in high utility bills, low comfort levels, and entry of pollutants into ducts and the house. The latter can wreak havoc to the indoor air quality. As a result it is essential to monitor your ducts for leakages from time to time and repair them as soon as possible. How to do repair leaky ducts? Well, traditionally, it was done with mastic and duct tapes. But in 1994 a new technology was developed by the Berkley Lab in the arena of duct sealing. It was called aerosol sealing technology, a method much superior to sealing ducts manually.

How it works?

The leakages in the duct system are detected and measured with software. All the registers of the duct are closed except for one. At this end the aerosol duct sealing device is attached. The device then blows sealants to seal the leaks almost for an hour. The aerosol particles float in the air due to continuous air movement. When the stream of air takes sharp turns to make their way out through the leaks, the particles start adhering themselves to the edge of the leaks. Thereafter they stick to each other to close the gap. They can seal leaks at such tricky spots such as elbow turns, connecting fittings, and air supply and return chambers. A computer monitors the progress of the sealing. The technology was discovered by Mark Modera, a Berkeley Lab scientist. The sealed leaks are again monitored with the software. The entire procedure would take 4 to 8 hours

Merits of Aerosol technology

• The substance can reach the remote corners which are otherwise inaccessible.

• The process is economic is terms of time and energy.

Downsides of using Aerosol

• Aerosol cannot seal large leaks. It will not be effective for gaps larger than 1/4-inch.

• It is quite expensive to get your ducts sealed with aerosol. It is usually 3-4 times costlier than mastic, which is used for repairing leaky ducts. Aerosol costs starts from $2000 for each air conditioning unit. Unlike mastic and duct tape, aerosol cannot be used by an amateur. You will have to call a duct cleaning and repairing service provider which will mean paying service charges.

• Aerosol only lasts 10 years, whereas hand sealing with mastic can last up to 30 years.





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