Diy Tips To Repair Leaky Ducts

Duct works are found in all modern houses. This is on account of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units that are designed to supply cool or warm air to the entire house. They do it through the ducts that meander throughout the house. A/c duct whether flexible or solid types are made of lightweight sheet metals, fiberglass or plastic. It is not unusual for these to develop leaks with time. Moreover there are joints and seams that can start ripping. This allows moisture to get inside along with dust and debris. The ducts get infested with a matted-layer of dirt. The flow of air passing through the ducts gets restricted. The precious air coming out of the HVAC leaks out through the holes. The efficiency of the HVAC is affected as certain parts of it such as blower fan, filters, coils get caked in debris. This results in low cooling and heating levels, high utility bills, and poor indoor air quality. The most obvious solution is to replace the entire section of the duct work. But this is not feasible always from a financial perspective. However you can mend holes at home without calling any duct cleaning and repair company. How? Well, let’s see.

o Take a solution of water and soap in bucket. Clean the area where the leak is, thoroughly with it. The whole circumference of the duct in the area of leak is to be washed. Allow the duct to dry completely.

o Now you will need an Underwriters Laboratory 181 Approved aluminium sealing tape. This will be easily available at any mart selling home and garden stuffs or HVAC hardware. You will get them in various widths such as two-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch etc. Select one that will cover the entire hole at one pass. The tape will have wax paper backing. Remove it and start sticking it a few inches above the hole. Once you finish the first stretch, take another stretch of tape and begin taping. Cover the hole with tape with almost three passes of the tape. The edges of the tape should overlap each other to make the duct perfectly airtight.

o Besides using tape, you can also plug holes with metal patch. Cut a patch of thin metal and fit it at the hole with sheet metal shears. You can then secure it at place with self-tapping sheet metal screws. To make the seal absolutely airtight you can apply mastic in it. For very small holes caulks can be used. You can push it at the leaks; it will dry and settle in place as an airtight seal.

Sealing ducts, although can be done at home on your own, is a messy task. Therefore always wear old cloths when doing it. Wear rubber gloves before touching mastic.





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