Ice in Your Summer Drink is Good — Ice on Your A/C is Not

It is never a good thing when ice forms on the outside of your air conditioning unit. Ice on your A/C can be caused by various problems and it is important to try and find the fault as quickly as possible. When ice on your A/C is noticed and the cause is left untreated, your air conditioner may break down resulting in expensive repair bills.

Possible causes of ice on your A/C and what to do

  • Dirty air filters will impede the airflow and cause the temperature of the coils to fall below freezing. Check and replace the air filter on a monthly basis to prevent unnecessary breakdowns during peak use.
  • If the evaporator coil is dirty it will impact on the airflow and can cause ice to build-up on your air conditioner. Get rid of any dust from around the evaporator and condenser units.
  • Damaged, collapsed or obstructed ducts can cause insufficient airflow to the coils. Inspect the ducts and have any damage repaired by a professional HVAC contractor.
  • When there are refrigerant leaks, your air conditioner will not work effectively and this may cause ice to form on the A/C. If you detect any refrigerant leaks, contact a qualified technician to fix the leaks and top-up the refrigerant. Please note that only qualified technicians are allowed to work with air conditioner refrigerants.
  • The evaporator motor’s fan is responsible for keeping the coils above freezing point and broken fans will cause ice to form. Ask your local HVAC contractor to repair the fan if it is not working properly.

Regular maintenance can reduce breakdowns from occurring and will save you money in the process. It is all important that pre-seasonal maintenance is conducted on your HVAC system to insure the effective performance of the HVAC system during peak demand.

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