Running the A/C in Hot San Antonio: How to Do It More Efficiently

The arrival of warmer weather is a reminder that home cooling costs are about to go through the roof. With air conditioners humming away all over the San Antonio area, it’s no surprise that many residents are looking for ways to save. Here’s how you can cool your San Antonio home more efficiently this summer:

  • Change your filter. The air filter in your A/C unit should be changed every one to three months, or whenever they get dirty. It’s always a good idea to start the cooling season with a fresh filter, which allows air to pass through more easily so your air conditioner uses less energy.
  • Maintain vents and ducts. The air ducts in your home should be insulated to make sure cooled air gets to your living space without escaping. It’s also wise to have your ducts inspected annually for leaks, blockage and broken connections.
  • Use fans to keep cool. Fans make your home feel cooler, allowing you to use your air conditioner less. To maximize your savings, turn a ceiling fan on when you enter a room, turn it off when you leave, and set your thermostat a few degrees higher.
  • Check for household leaks. Air leaks are the enemy when it comes to cooling efficiency. A lot of cool air can escape through fireplace dampers, leaky windows, kitchen vents and cracks around doorways. Inspect all these areas and repair leaks if necessary.
  • Keep it clean. Cleaning out the condenser and evaporator coils on your A/C before the cooling season helps boost efficiency. Spring is also a good time to schedule your unit for annual maintenance.
  • Use your windows wisely. Keep windows closed during the hottest parts of the day, but leave a few open at night to let cooler air in. Install blinds or awnings on south- and west-facing windows to minimize the sun’s warming effects during the day.

To learn more about how you can run your A/C more efficiently this summer, contact Beyer Boys. We’ve been providing sound advice and expert heating, air conditioning and plumbing service in the San Antonio area since 1990.

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