The Copper from Your Air Conditioner Is Valuable: Protect Your Unit

Copper theft is a major problem in cities across the United States. Homeowners often find themselves targeted when they leave their air conditioner unprotected from thieves. You can keep the copper from your air conditioner protected by using these simple tips.

Protect Your Unit With a Cage

Metal cages that are specifically made to protect air conditioning units are available at home improvement stores. You also have the option of directly contacting the manufacturer of your unit to request a cage. Durable steel cages are made to withstand the elements while protecting a unit from theft.

Consider an Alarm

Alarms that are connected to your unit can be more expensive than cages, but the benefit of opting for an alarm is the fact that it will be less noticeable than a cage. Thieves may find a way around a cage when they’re trying to extract the copper from your air conditioner, but these thieves won’t even know that an alarm is there.

Elevate Your Air Conditioner

You may have the option to have your air conditioner installed on the roof. You’ll have to have a professional move the unit, but you can be fairly certain that thieves are not going to venture up to the roof for a small bit of copper.

If you aren’t able to install your air conditioner on the roof, consider an alternate method of limiting access. You can hide the unit in a dense shrub or behind a fence, but be sure to have a professional handle the installation to ensure that the unit can function properly.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Maintained

The epidemic of copper theft may have you worrying about thieves stealing copper from your air conditioner, but other concerns related to your cooling system should also be prioritized. Contact Beyer Boys to have a technician perform maintenance on your well-protected air conditioner to extend the length of your unit. Coupling high-quality maintenance and repair services with the protection you need for the copper in your air conditioning unit is the best way to keep your home cool when the weather heats up.

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