The Flip Sides Of Flex Ducts

Traditionally A/c ducts wren made of sheet metals. These would last for lifetime. They are highly durable. But they ae expensive and sometimes require to be customized according to the design and size of the house, they also take some time to get installed. Flex ducts can be a DIY project. But installing rigid ducts need intervention of professionals.

The flex ducts as the name suggest have flexible body that can snake through poky areas of the house. These have an inner core of spiral led wire that are embedded in a plastic sheath. They are well insulated with plastic or a thin radiant barrier on the outside

The advantages of fl exile ducts

• Cheaper then sheet metal ducts
• Comes already insulated
• Easy to install

The Flexible Disadvantages

• They have life span of 15 years approximately.

• Because of their flexibility they are sometimes incorrectly installed.

• Often gets kinked or constricted at places which interfere with flow of air.

• Beside wear and tear over the years, it can also be damaged if someone steps on it. Even rats and rodents in ducts can damage it with their bites. If it gets rubbed against any sharp object, it can also rip beyond repair.






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