Top Brands In Ventilators

Here are some top brands in ventilation products.


When it comes to ventilating spaces whether residential or commercial, Vent Axia is a household name. The company has been applying it thorough know-how about ventilation mechanisms and devices to design and manufacture its products. You will find products of all ranges with them. You can buy a compact unit that is meant for a room or a tool that will ventilate the whole house. Their HRVS are widely used in houses, classrooms in schools and colleges, and also in commercial spaces like offices and malls. The heat recovery ventilation line has a wide range of products such as Astra, Centra, Tempra, and Multivent products for maximum energy efficiency. Their commercial heat recovery product line includes renowned products such as the Sentinel Kinetic and Sentinel Totus D-ERV HRV systems. Today with new building legislation, ventilation in buildings is becoming a mandatory requirement. Buying from Vent-Axia would render you the assurance of owning a quality product.


The company has been a key player in indoor air-quality management. It has been around since last 30 years. Their products are known for their quality and innovation. They are designed keeping in mind the changing customer needs. If you are looking for a product form Life breath the two top series includes MAX and RNC series.

MAX Series:
This series feature HRVS that have 5speed limits that is not to be found in other brands. The product line’s top selling point is that it can be used in retrofit constructions as well. You will also get a digital wall control which is not chargeable.

RNC Series: Thy have the same warranty as MAX series. However these products have two speed limits. There are a few option is wall control and you can choose according to suitability. The aluminium core of these products have lifetime guarantee.


Lennox has always been a popular name HVAC industry. It manufactures a wide range of products in heating, cooling, and ventilation. The multi-climate HRV by Lennox has been very popular. The device is just superb in exchanging heat and moisture between the airstream. This feature makes it particularly suitable for use in the states of the South-eastern U.S. You can choose from various sizes according to your requirement. The device has a quality aluminium heat exchanger core. The device is also great for summer months as at these times the `outgoing stale air would take in heat from incoming fresh air. A top benefit of this model is that it does not emit ozone. It has a controls which can be used manually as well as programmed for future.

HRV3-195 and HRV3-300 are two popular models which feature dual core for larger homes.


This is one company which does not need any introduction. ERVCCLHA Energy Recovery Ventilator has been a very popular product by Carrier. It is suitable for regions which get very hot and humid in summers. It can recover almost 84% humidity from airstream. It uses the enthalpy technology to reduce the amount of moisture brought in with fresh air. This is particularly suitable for homes fitted with central air conditioners. It can exchange as much as 234 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The machine offers noise-free operation. Its filters can screen microscopic pollutants, bacteria and allergens from the air. It runs on both automatic and manual controls.


Bryant is another top name in HRVs and ERVs. Its Preferred Series Ventilator Plus HRV is quite popular with both customers and builders because of its efficiency. These units are particularly meant for houses located in regions with harsh cold winters. It will bring fresh air as well as keep a tab on energy efficiency. The aluminium core heat exchanger is just excellent at preheating incoming fresh air with the heat in the stale exhaust air. But air streams will never get mixed. Thy have CFM range of 99 to 210. They come in various sizes and capacities as well. The defrost cycle prevents freezing of the core in winter. The products have insulated motor for quit operation.


Trane is a renowned name in ventilation products. The products offered by the brand have a number of unique features. The fans are double-inlet with forward-curved centrifugal design. Thy can crank up to a speed of 1,050 rpm with permanent split capacitor motors. They are housed in cabinets of heavy gauge metal to offer whisper-quiet operation. Each fan has three speed switch for air balancing. There is an air damper that prevents leakage of air when the device is off. You can request for a frost control feature by the brand, if you live in a region of extremely cold winter. The ventilator is equipped with two separate filters. The heat exchanger can manage two separate air streams in a counter-flow direction. There is no or less than 1 percent of airstream mixture. The heat exchanger has an efficiency of 80% with equal airflow.



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