What To Expect From A Duct Cleaner?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), ducts should be cleaned once in every three to five eyes. Although there is no scientific evidence that cleaning of ducts will improve you indoor air quality, but it is not a bad idea to get your ducts cleaned professionally. This is because there are other sources present in the house as well which will emit pollutants in the air. However, if you see that your ducts are infested with urine and droppings of rats and vermin or mold is growing actively inside, then it is better to get the ducts cleaned. The dropping of rodents or molds can cause certain illnesses as well as aggravate others.

Now when you hire a professional duct cleaner they are going to charge you a specific amount for cleaning your ducts. In lieu of that you also expect certain things from the cleaners. What are they? Let’s take a look-

• The cleaners should open up all the ports and access points of the ducts. This is to inspect the entire system and clean it thoroughly.

• Ducts in old houses may contain asbestos-containing materials. In that case you have to call specially qualified people who would be able to remove them. Asbestos is a harmful substance, whose exposure is linked to causing lethal diseases such as cancer.

• Always ask your cleaner about the kind of tools that they will employ to clean your ducts. They should have a high power vacuum cleaner that will exhaust the dust particles from the interior of the house to outside. They should be using a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment. A poor cleaner with handheld tools will release more particles in your living space than getting rid of them.

• They should take enough care not to damage furnishings and carpeting when cleaning your ducts and vents.

• They should brush the duct surfaces well. The pneumatic equipment (brushes, air balls, whips, etc.) are pushed through the duct to loosen up the contaminants sticking to the surface. Contact vacuuming in employed to take out the dirt from duct surface. The brushes should have soft bristles and should be of standard quality.

• A good cleaner would abide by all regulation stipulated by NADCA and NAIMA, when cleaning ducts surfaces made of fiberglass and sheet metal. These can get abrasions or other damages otherwise. Flex ducts can also be cleaned but it is always more cost-effective to replace them.

• In case they are not able access the distant areas of the duct through access ports, they should cut holes in the duct to reach the area and remove the harmful build up.

• All ports and access holes should be closed and sealed after cleaning is over. They should ensure that the duct is airtight gain.

• A reputed cleaner also provides you snaps of your ducts before cleaning and also take some shots of it after cleaning. This will help you to understand the level of job that they have accomplished.




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